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The movie is about junko furuta based on real incident of Japan in 1988 .Do people know the  case but they are unaware about the reason behind the ra pe and mur der and the psychology of the rap ist. Basically it's an crime thriller movie and we are presenting the 4 mentally ill people and their psychology, the way they continue their brutality till 44 days and her pain she suffered.We want to make our audiences to  know the real fact about junko furuta through our movie,

Aazmayish | Hindi Short Film | Kalp Cine art presents |

 Aazmayish Hindi Short Film 

Banner : Kalp Cine Art 

 Director & Writer : Ritesh Mokasana  Producer : Rajesh Sonawane 

Co. Producer : Hiren Parmar 

Star Cast : Hiren Parmar, Jainavi Shah , Rajesh Sonawane, Jigar Oza, Shiv Parekh,  

Video Graphic : Rahul Berawale , Nikesh Dolatwala

DOP : Rahul Patel 

Presented : NEEV MEDIA  

Rangmanch | Hindi Short Film

Be Shak | Full Gujarati Movie | HD 1080 | Anil Vanjani, Heta

ગુજરાતી ફિલ્મો જુવો

BE..Shak Is a 2016 Indian Gujarati  Suspense-Thriller Film by Anil Vanjani, It s Star Anil Vanjani, Hetansh Shah, Amil B. Bukhari, Shailly Mehta , Heli Bhatt

Be Shak is a perfect Romantic Suspense thriller film in Which Story Rotate Among 3 Brothers How There Life Was With Full love fun and Brotherhood, But How doubts Come in their life because of one Girl and how their life Changes into a suspense with thrills and what happen in End watch out now

Drashti | Hindi Short Film

એક દીકરી(બાપ ની આબરૂ દીકરી એ જાળવી) | Gujarati Short film |

અધિકાર એકરિશ્તા || Gujarati Short Film ||

અધિકાર એકરિશ્તા 

।। એક પત્નીની પોતાના પતિ પાસે પોતાના અધિકાર માટે ની લડાઈ ||

બેનર :- જીમી ડિજિટલ - નિવ એન્ટરપ્રાઇઝ 

સ્ટારકાસ્ટ :- માહી, દુર્ગા ઓઝા , ભરત મકવાણા 

ડિરેક્ટર :- D.N.મકવાણા